She sometimes sits outside gazing at stars

Other times staring at the stilly night

When she is in this stupor

She never winks or looks at you

Doctors say there is nothing to do

That the blankness on her physiognomy

Will always be there

Whatever they say doesn’t faze me

Sometimes she sleep talks

Sometimes her face lights up with eerie glee

Nowadays people come just to look at her

Not to give us a word of hope

But to amuse themselves

Sometimes likening her to an ensemble

Their words don’t daze me

I know my sister as the sanest person there is

She loves loves talking to me

When sometime this thing recedes in the wind

She says she wants to get married

To have a family and lead a normal life

I wonder which man will truly love my sister

Who will view her defect as just a lovely quirk

She lives in a society that pretends to be flawless

Where barricades are made against those different