Education is important

Some of us don’t see that

You can go anywhere

Do anything and be whatever you want to be

But all that depends on how serious you are about your studies

Don’t study just because your parents told you to

Don’t study just because your teacher told you to

Study for yourself

Have big dreams and fulfil them

No matter how big they are

Fulfil them because no one will fulfil them for you

You will do it yourself

Education never ends

No matter how old you are

Education is for everyone

Young and old

Be strong

No one said fulfilling your dreams will be easy

Maybe that’s why our brothers and sisters are parasites:

They were not STRONG enough to fulfil their dreams. Instead, they became parasites

Let us not be like them

Let us prove to those who are saying we are not strong enough

Let us bloom

Let us be whatever we want to be

But only education can help us do that

That’s why it is so important