my dear ♥ FundzA
finally, we meet each other
finally, we share a meal together
it took time but m not complaining
my sweetheart 
finally, I give you a hug
finally, I get my long awaited kiss
ohh God I’m on cloud nine
I’m not afraid to confess my love to you
I’m not scared to be vulnerable around you
cos I dare trust your kind heart skat
I knw…n i will handle u like n egg
my princess 
you’re my love you’re a Godsend
you came into my life when I least expect
and gave me nothing but joy and belly laughs
fundza mylove
pls let me shower you with my exclusive love
the 1 that remains sacred only for you
the one that was saved…for the best
like Vanessa Williams God saves the best for last
my skat
I’m even lost of words
I never thought we could meet
I never thought u shocki, shocked
but God always performs his miracles
I love you fundza… wholeheartedly
my love to you is without condition
my love to you is pure as snow
ohh God pls… I don’t wanna stop
finally… finally… finally
I’m gonna try my level best babe
to always make you happy
to always make you smile
pls don’t listen to ur jealous friends
who will try to destroy our pure love
cos they all wish it was them
Ohhh fundza…my dearEST
finally, I met my soulmate
finally, I met my kind of girl
a girl who loves right…like me
I knw m talking too much..believe me I do
but pls don’t stop me…pls
I’m just going through own love emotions
let me express how I feel
ohhh man…. oh man…
finally my own lovely girl
finally my own fundza
more than the word… LOVE
thank you… Fundza babe