Even Today

When I close my eyes,

I still see myself sitting at a corner,

My hands covering my ears,

My head placed on my knees,

My eyes flowing like a river,

And my heart racing first place.

Even Today

I still hear her screams in my head,

I still hear the sound of the slaps,

I hear her choking and forcing a scream,

I still remember the way he pushed her to

The ground and promised to kill her.

Even Today

I remember the way

He shouted her name,

And how he banged the door,

Out of anger.

I still remember the whole conversation

From the other side of the room.

I still hear the glass shattering and,

Her blood flowing through the bathroom sink.

Even Today I remember how she sat in front of the mirror,

I remember how she nursed her bruises,

I remember how she applied makeup to

Hide her misery.

I remember how she wore a smile and pretended

As if life was perfect.

Even Today: I can’t get rid of the memories.

Even Today: I can’t bear the sound of screams.

Even Today: I have to deal with the trauma.

Even Today: I’m still thanking God for keeping her alive.