Does it make you man enough?

 Then toughen up, be a real man!

 Real Felicity is spent without 

 Any Investment.

 Genuine love you say.

 All are lured between lust and love.

 Enough is Enough!

 With your vigorous fury

 That arose your hefty 


 That strangle a soul to death.

 Does it make you feel Mighty?

 To witness one of us struggles for her life.

 What makes you think our face’s 

 Needs to be re-arranged with you

 Bunch of five?

 What makes you think our walk is to

 Attain you?

 What makes you think we deserve to be molested?

 What makes you think you can change imbokodo?

 Our tears are not made of steel.

 Our blood is not made of silver.

 Our hearts are not made of 

 black diamonds neither Gold.

 Don’t treat us carelessly,

 Instead, give us the liberty to live.

 Save the little sincerity 

 To your consciousness.