Education my foundation
Upon it futures are built
A key to unlock every locked door
A pen that write any kind of a letter
A mother of all professions
Some calls it a key to success
Some calls it a road to greatness
Some call it the power of change
Some call it a bright future
I call it an eye opener
And that is EDUCATION
The only friend that never forsake you
The only parent that ever disown you
The only job that never retrench you
The only husband that never divorce you
It stands to its own vow
Like a couple standing on an alter
Saying until death do us apart
And that is EDUCATION
Education is like a woman who fall pregnant and give birth
It gives birth to many children
Some are identified as Higher certificates
Some are identified as Diplomas
Some are identified as Degrees
Not forgetting Honours and Masters
The PHD`s, the queue goes on and on
The only loud voice that speaks life even after death
The transformation of human and the world
That is EDUCATION and that is EDUCATION