Can you feel it…Mmm?
The smell of aroma for mamas.
Can you feel it?
Breeze of the early morning.
On top of that mountains.

Easy yoke for mamas.
Allow wind to blow away your yoke for a moment.
Give permission to birds to free you.
With nice, sweet and lovely melodies.
Lower down your yoke mama.
Lighten up that sparkling.
Go out and dance with fun.
Cover yourself with cuddling.

Don’t carry until it hurts.
Never wait until you sigh.
Because it shall removes your inner peace.
Just like when sees nitrogen removes oxygen on air.
Easy yoke for Mama’s.

Swing freely your body to places of your wonders.
Swing freely like pendulums.
Your paramount goal is to easy the yoke.
Lead you life to harmony.
Self rescue so that can enjoy your paradise after bb a yoke.
Since they took you easy when see you busy.
Easy yoke for Mama’

Don’t feel guilty, it will help you feel best.
Don’tbwait until you have all the time.
Becae that time will never come.
Windup the tendency of working around the clock.
Multi tasking in not easy.
You deserve to be on ease.