Our enemy
Our communities enemy
Our countries enemy
Our continent’s enemy
Actually the whole worlds enemy
Why were you created?
Who created you?
Wait a minute!
I think I know why you were created
Do you want to know?
You were created to break families apart
You were created to kill the youth
You were created to to kill our future doctors and nurses
You were created to kill our future engineer’s and teachers
You were created to bring sarrow and sadness in our world and to bring tears in our families
The hospitals are full because of you
Rehab’s are full because of you
Graveyards are full because of you
Families are fighting and teared apart because of you
People are homeless and streets are full because of you
People steal , get beaten and get killed because of you
Schools are empty and passing rates decrease every year because of you
Don’t be proud of what you are doing!
You are called by names
They call you Nyaope , weed , cigarettes and alcohol
Those are the names you are called by them when they are using you
You have no shame drugs!
Why ain’t you leaving?
When they want to comfort themselves they say you are a stress reliver
They say you are a problem solver
No! No! No!
You are none of the above
You are causing more stress and more problems
You have no shame drugs!