Dream with me

A message by a dreamer, for the dreamers

Dream with me I say

Hold my hand tight and don’t loose your grip

let us dream about a perfect South Africa

A South Africa of absolute peace

Where the norm of homicide and Gender Based Violence is a thing of past

A place where the norm of dropping out of school, to pursue what we call in the streets”Crime Engineering”

Under the influence of “Billionaires never went to school, they hustled to secure the bag”. 

Let’s take a moment to saver this moment

Don’t get me wrong, South Africa is a beautiful country, but

Will be wrong if dream about a police system that actually favours the victims

A police system that would do the job that they’re getting paid for

Not a job that would buy them “Coldrink” to satisfy their greed’s and desire’s

Dream with me 

Help me dream about warm homes

families that are united by love and the spirit of Ubuntu that teaches us about the consequences of hatred and jealously in the upbringings of our lives. 

Dream with me

Explore the dimensions of humankind

Not with your eyes but your third eye

For our eyes are there to look and not to see

Explore the nature of humankind

The law’s of attraction

Explore the soothing sensation of meditation

Nature has knowledge for ages

Reality paints the truth with beautiful lies

Our dreams are the solid truth

Never be afraid to dream 

We live in societies where some people’s souls are as dry as an empty plannet

Dreaming is our highest form of hope. 

This reality is a cold place

Someone people are waiting for death, dead

You won’t see or smell them 

“It’s Cold”.