In front of a crowd
The promise was made
A diamond big and round
She couldn’t wait for the big date

Perfection in her bosom
Idealism and reality meet
Smiles was her daily bread
Gratified desires, head to feet

But then, he was abducted
Abducted by fate
Fists were clenched
He left, and he left hate

World filled with rain and thunder
Everyday, wonder and ponder
Why he became plunder
Plundered by fate

Flood of darkness and colour
All blue, no other colour
Life made a U-turn
‘This pain will end when?’
She realised she died with him

But no… she refused to be dead
He was the rib, not the whole body
Life can progress, it can go on
It can resume, it can be like before
The pain present or not
His legacy must continue forever

She said to herself
Pain and mourning left behind
It was as if she passed away,
But renewed
She had died,
But resurrected