That you battled demons beyond your capabilities , cried yourself to sleep and held your own head up high

That you held hands of the ones whom could never utter a single thank you to you but criticize your advice , drag you down and discredit your pain cause they think you have no problems

Stood tall even when you felt your soul fade and your smile disappear.

How many times

How many times did you wish they could save you ? but they never did cause it was always about them
Their struggle their pain damn they were selfish

Now you lay in a grave colder than a fridge more hopeless than ever before. stare into their eyes as their complains get worse

Can you believe he cheated on me ? Cold stare and a little snicker ,she was warned but her greatest work of words was “you just jealous”

Did they know
Did they really know that you smiled not cause you were not bothered by your pain but you learned to manage it

Do they know the extent of your trauma, your pain ,your fears or is it still about them ?

And if they truly asked you how are you ? What would you say ?