You’ve been speaking a different love language.
Sneaking up on me in bed ,late.
When it’s too dark and sombre for me to make out your face.
I guess that’s the price i pay for been naive.
For a one night stand with a stranger ,for letting him strip me down empty
and hump me like a daredevil.

Now he’s toying with my heart .
Joking around with my emotions.

Ever since you started this spree of late nights.
We don’t touch anymore,we sleep facing the walls .
Your moves are calculated and your hugs have become far fetched.
Cold and nasty.
Now you just kiss me for show.
To take suck out the pain out of my mouth.
So I pretend and watch you break our premises.
I listen to you speak like never before,sad .
Sad …i still feel you.
I still fancy you .
But love …we don’t stand a chance in this game.