You reach out to her again, and

It is not good.

Nothing about you is good,

For you only bring pain,

You bring never-ending tears.

You are like a leech,

You suck out the joy in everything.

You just take, take, take,

Leaving the host with nothing,

Leaving the host to fend for herself,

You leave her with no experience,

No references, no recommendations,


You show her your true colours,

Showing her that you cannot be trusted,

That you are not a friend but rather an enemy.

Like a chameleon, you change colours quickly.

From pink

Which represents hope and happiness,

To white

Which represents purity and simplicity,

And finally to red

Which represents pain and anger.

You are quick to decieve her,

You are quick to ruin her,

Quick to break her,

Not realising that she has already decieved herself,

Not realising that she has already ruined herself,

Not realising that she has already broken herself into little pieces

Trying to fix others,

Trying to give what is left of her to the very people

Who played a part in breaking and building and breaking her,

Multiple times…


She has had enough,

Either finish her or stop this.

It is already too much for her to bear,

Too much for her weakening heart to carry,


On her behalf

I plead with you to let her go,

Free her from this misery.

Please, just do something nice,

Just once in your life.



She has too much to live for,

Too many dreams to fulfill,

Just let her go.