I didn’t know you were capable of pulling such a miracle ,
I was Depressant then ,
With tears looting my face
I was a runner in my life ,
Until I plugged you my soulful thing .

I didn’t know you were such a caresser ,
A monito ,the she who knows my hidden scars ,
So are my doubts and fears ,

You turned me a crestfallen senhor into a mumbler ,
Yet it feels so good to stand between my eyeballs and say yes to my favorite tunes .

Oh !yes i say ,
Take me deeper to the center of the caliculus ,
where I’m told I’m beautiful though I look shabby .
Dive with me down to the collar of my nerves
And make me forget my crestfallen world a while ,

The place like no where
I found joy and forget about the failures ,
A nerve for a wave ,
A beat for tweat ,

Take me back to the ages unknown ,
where I know I can control my life ,
Hit me herder, from the center of my cochlear to the back of my hypothalamus ,
I know I’m not a handi of all sorts ,
But when those two magnetic cords are connected to the sides of cereberum
I feel no pain ,so young and wondorous ,
Dear music , you are mender