Hey dear me

I’m sorry that I made you cry

I choose to give others attention but not you 

I know you were afraid of rejection 

And I wanted to be there for you

But I just left you to be used to being hurt

I would hurt you many times without noticing 

Every month and made you stay 

Every time you had to complain 

I know you cried many time but people loved me

But I still appreciate you because it’s you who made me

I was not listening but following what they taught me 

That helping is a way of gaining love and blessings 

The pastor said God would be happy 

If we sacrifice ourselves 

Even though Jesus did it for us

I know you are shy but I am not 

I knew you didn’t want to change 

That’s why I became eager for taking over you

I knew that you were hurting but I still took over you 

I knew that you needed chance to take over but I didn’t give you chance to

And I am sincerely sorry 

I have been trying to make amends with my broken pieces 

Trying to learn how to let go

Forgive me for taking over

I have been sitting down with myself 

And I have been thinking about you 

Realising I will never find love

If I don’t care about you 

It seems like I even forgot about you 

And I don’t care about you 

I know it’s hard when your other half betrays you 

I have trusted people and they walked away on me

I know it’s hard for you to trust me again 

When you have been betrayed by yourself

I know it’s hard to trust me when you don’t feel safe with me

I know you feel like have to forgive 

 I know you are thinking you have so much to handle 

But you have me inside to help you

It’s time for you to take over