Dear mamma,

I wrote this poem for you.

To tell you I love you.

I know I wasn’t a good as growing up but,

To you I was always perfect.

I know you did everything to raise me,

And my brothers.

And I will be always grateful for that,

I wish I can repay you but I will be owing you,

For that all my life.

You are the first woman I fell in love with,

You taught me to love but, not to hate.

Dear mamma,

This is dedicated to you for all you have done for me,

How can I forget the sacrifices you did for me?

All my life I have been your student,

And you taught me the best.

I know you made mistakes in my life and,

You wanted me not to repeat some of them.

Dear mamma,

I love you and I’m sorry for hurting your feelings.

I know you want the best for me and my brothers.

My wish is never to disappoint you but,

To make you proud of me.

I know they say men don’t cry but,

You are my shoulder to cry on.

Dear mamma,

Don’t cry I love you forever,

And together we are family.