Dear heart

I am sorry that you have to go

through so much for you deserve no such.

I am sorry for each and every strain

that hits you hard till you cannot take it anymore

You deserve so much more.

So much more that life could offer.

I am sorry for my thoughts that travel

Deeper and deeper to relax all pain in you.

The nerves that serve you are in no good condition.

I refuse to be the cause of those stretches.

Dear heart

I know at times, it gets harder

I am sorry for loading a lot to carry.

It’s just that, at times, life can be kinder scary.

I am sorry for all the pains I have kept in you

with so much grief that I have been grieving through.

Dear heart

I am sorry for my selfishness

out of my sadness, I woke up

to realise it has not been fair.

I am channelling these verses

through my veins, for you can only feel.

You have to wake up my brains

I am bouncing back stronger.

Dear heart

I am thankful that I still hear that beat of you

that align the bond between you and me.

A bond that has been bound to be.

I am grateful to get to feel that bounce

that reminds me that I am still alive and breathing.

through all the ups and downs, it reminds me

to keep living, praying for better days

and believing.

Understanding that life falls and pains

they come and go.

Dear heart

My duty is to keep you pure

for you a heart in me that deserves

no heartache.

That beat of you in me reminds me

constantly to bounce back.

allow me to say you are the best among the rest

I am enjoying every moment of you in my chest.