Dear God… 
Your will is hurtin’ me
I’m trying to be whole, but I can’t find my pieces
I’m trying to be real, but people think I’m fake
Dear God…
Everything that I did seems not to be enough.
You’ve put me in a place of darkness I can’t even find a switch
I’m really weak inside but I’m trying to be strong
Dear God…
Every two steps forward seems to be five steps backwards
Dear God….
My heart is pounding In tears
Shouting in silence
Feeling the violence
Yet no one can hear me
Dear God… 
I feel like I’m going through things I don’t understand 
As now I pray that you may lighten my eyes so I can see the light
May your will shine upon me so that everything can be bright 
May your will be done as it has been in heaven 
May I not burn in the fire but walk in fire knowing that you are the flame 
Dear God…. 
Let your will be done as I pray