Dad I don’t know if I hate you,

Coz I haven’t been with you my entire life.

You left mama when I was just some months old.

I don’t know how you look like,

But they say I look like you.

I don’t know if you remember my existence,

I don’t think if am also there in your dreams,

But I will still call you dad,

Coz without you I wouldn’t be here.

God blessed you with a son like me,

But you are blind dad.

You couldn’t recognise the blessing that is in your hands,

I pray not to be like you dad.

I promise myself to be a good father,

I will make my family happy,

And I will make my children happy too,

Giving them the best I can.

How can you deny your blood?

I wasn’t there but mama is innocent.

If you were to be innocent I would have been with you,

You forgot about me.

You don’t know me dad, do you?

I guess you’re happy without me,

But I wish you to be my dad,

I wish you to know what your blood has become.

I forgave you a long time ago,

My heart holds no grudge against you,

I can feel your breath, I know you still live,

And I pray to God to give you long and divine life.

I love you dad, and always I will.