Cracks in my heart
My soul has been broken
My Smiling face became sad face
Tears is like a river flow
I lost everything
Love ,smile and happiness

Believing became a hope
Because when we hope we end up waiting forever
Lot of things in my mind that I think off
Pain running through my veins
It’s like a wind without direction

Every tear I drop lead me to the pain
I feel
No job
My talent has not yet succeed
No Relationship
No friendship
Drama is always in front of my door

I’m a disappointer
I lost
I was suppose to be a good child
I have been trying to be good but it’snt enough
I tried to give all but it’s never enough
I even thought about doing a suicide

No body can understand my pain
My fear
My tear
My smile
My love
My self because no one can fit in this shoes

I may lost the battle but I won’t loose the war
They say the mistake is when you regret the chance you didn’t take .
As long as I’m still breathing
I still have a chance to do better and become better
That what I learnt
“Kubamnyama kakhulu Mase kuzosa”

I’m not a child from the rich family that was born with a silver spoon
I’m not the child from the poor background that willing to do what it’s take to live .
But I’m the child from my own background that is strong enough to handle anything on her way .

Never say you lost in life , as long as you still breathing you not lost yet
You can do anything because you can still do better
Model yourself to fame