Deep down in my heart filled with pain
Covered heart.

Loneliness. Saw my self walking slowly through the day like a snail covering distances.

Looked up and down the rail way with no trians presents to take me away. My covered heart.

With strains and Bruzes with in as they cant be seen all covered up with clothes and smiles. Sun shining so bright burning the tention away. Wind blows heavly. But never the covered heart.

That can’t be taken away. Its deep down with in got to dig deep to feel the pain. See the blood running through my vains. Pumps fast. Covered heart feels.

Un cover my heart from this burden that can’t be seen with a nacked eye but felt. Expressed.

Emotions said it all. Couldn’t control my self but to go down on my knees and pray for better days. To be.

Covered with real smiles. Fun. Joy. Excitement. Love. Peace. Family. Uncover my heart set my soul free. Let it be.

Uncover my heart Disclose my path. Light. I want to. Let my strength, Story be felt if only my heart. CLEANSEN. PURIFIED. SAVED.