Your abdomen is astounding and stupendous

There’s nothing wrong with your body

Move those voluptuous hips to the rhythm

Your body is voluptuous and sumptuous

Your splendiferous body shows the inner beauty of an African queen

Be kind to your stretch marks

Be kind to your cellulite

Because you are curvaceous tremendously

You are an African queen with the embodiment of womanhood

Remember that self-love is essential

You have an appearance of supremacy

You are so glorious and impeccable

Every woman’s soul is incalculable, and every woman’s body is extraordinary.

You are valiant and marvellous

Embrace your enticing body

You are the Woolworths tripple caramel dairy ice cream of this universe

There’s nothing wrong with your thighs

You are salient

Your beauty shines so brilliantly and extortionate

Your scars are beautiful because they moulded you into who you are.