Dear lord sometimes,
It’s hard to pray nor to
Praise your name for blessing
Me with all that I have

Especially for the woman
That kept me in her womb for
Nine months so that in nine
Years I would be able to go
To school and learn to pay
Back all the years I troubled
Her as a kid.

But now i just pray not for today
But for tomorrow to wipe all the
Tears in her eyes
Tears of pain and joy and mostly
Sorrows as you know I grew up without a father but that’s not the case.

The case Is that I ask in your name.
To actually bless for me the woman if not
For my siblings cause it’ll be hard to grow up
Without a mother she’s all that I have and she’s all that I care for
Pray for
Work for
And Learn for
So that one day I would be able to pay back all the time that she sacrificed for me

So I pray