Waiting for the sunset wasn’t enough
But to run to my secret place
Thought kept rolling through my brain
I knew could delete your photo,text and numbers
But this clocked in my face how do i delete your face,voice and our memories
That cut my heart
How can you be so cold to hurt me
You vowed you wont
With that chaming smile trying to erase
My past pain so you could win me

I wish i knew us as lovers
Could turn us into enemies
I wish i knew i will end up with broken heart
You lied! you lied holding me tightly to breath your saint

Now you tore into apart cutting it slowly but surely i whispered *I Love You *

You won my heart you won me
Cause hear i am holding my pillow tightly
Crying alone no shoulder to cry cause i lost faith on the first shoulder that turned its back on me

I cried and cried but letting go was a choice
This is hard to believe
Who’s gonna take your place where there’s no body else

I only thinking of you and it breaking my heart that toresme apart
Who gonna talk to me when the sun comes out
Deep down im in love
But you left me with a broken heart