I am thé 21st century a born free to society, 
I live in a time where home is
the prison for the born frees. 
I am the generation that is suffering quietly,
The society never smiles politely. 
For who are am I in the history book to deserve their kindness.
Call me lucky for living in a time when doing right seems wrong. 
Where putting yourself in other people’s shoes is being mother Teresa.
Sympathy is not a necessity nor does it put food on the table.
Going to school is for the ones who think there is an actual key to success.
I am the generation where boxing is 
practised at home on the bodies of our 
dear mothers and sisters. 
Where the supposedly weak don’t live
 to tell their story.
I am generation where we are 
all storytellers who walk around
 with heavy hearts.
There is no peace in this land 
we want to stay in. 
The land where our brothers are
 waiting to molest us every chance they get.
 I am this gender that is expected to
 bow down to men at a time where 
everyone has rights they are still fighting for. 
The same rights the great Winnie Mandela fought for.
It leaves me with a question once asked by my ancestors, what have we done?
Find me among the group of people
who are fighting the silent killers, the very 
same killers who torment our lives silently.
Hoping not to be victims of suicide, 
We wear our masks and hope god hears our cries.
Find me among those people who wear a mask in order to find peace since this land for the born frees is not FREE!