My body, my temple.

My temple, where my lover worships

It’s the way he touches my face

To find his way to my cheeks

While moving his hands gently as a traveller using a map to find his paths

It’s the way he grabs my waist

He grabs it more closer to his warm, rigid body

Warm body that increases my heartbeat, just a little bit

It’s the way he kisses my sweet lips

Kisses my lips in a way

I want more and more of his kisses

It’s the way he touches my hips

Touches my two God-made treasures with passion felt by my heart

Connects them like diamonds, precious stones to be protected

Protected from everyone who might think of stealing them

It’s the way he glances at me

He glances at me like he sees the moon’s beauty in front of him

Glances with eyes with hearts inside

My lover is a good worshipper

My good body worshipper!