I love you Beib.

I will never leave you Beib.

Beib like a baby,

Honestly I’m Putin

And you’re my Russia.

You’re a good lover

And dearest.

Beib I always need you.

You’re the lady of my dreams

And it’s true.

I will make your dream come true.

You won’t leave me?

Beib promise me.

Beib I’m here for you.

I just want to thank you

For your love,

My stress missile.

You give me joy always

And you make me happy always.

Beib tell your father

That of your kids

I will be a father.

Beib! Beib!

You’re mine Beib.

With our love,

Let’s shed.

Beib tell your friends that I’m yours.

Beib this poem is yours

Because of that love of yours.

I don’t know even what to write

But you have to know that I love you

And I will never leave you.