Before you

A sad girl with a long face

In a dark room full of tension

A rope in my hands

Of a lace

I tie it up so hard that I forget

Who carried my soul

The whole nine months

What a waste of life she’s given

Before you

There’s me

That kid who keeps quiet and sits in the corner

That small powerless girl with no voice

Inside her head there’s loud screams and more wailing

Her wounds won’t heal

At least she won’t have to feel


If she’s no more

Before you

A smile escapes my lips once a month

And sometimes doesn’t

Sadness and more tears run down my face

It is my face but doesn’t look like mine anymore

These eye bags and swollen eyes

As I take a look in the mirror

It is my body but it is just my soul left for me to die

Before you …there was me

Without sadness.