By the time you read this letter I would be sent away by overshadows of my weakness!
I would be laying under my grave being killed by no sickness!
For as I lament upon my depest turmoil!
I cried my ayes out so I decided to send my soul to the soil!
As I write this my existence was obscure!
Because of my perplexity and insecure !

I take my soul and leave behind my flesh and tears!
I can’t deal with this life no more because it’s vexed and strikes me upon my fears!
My soul perish as my heart hollow!
My great grandparents are in peace as I also follow!
I felt so much pain as my life travest!
I was wrong to think in life I can invest!
So this is my last voice on earth as I take my soul!

By the time you read this ill be feeling no pain!
By this rope ill be wiping away all my tears!
Please don’t cry coz my soul is at peace with no tears!
I hope your heart will be burdened no more when I leave this world!
For those I left behind know that I suffered enough
This is my thoughts and testiminy
Becouse of my scattered Harmony as I suffocate my breath!
It is not so easy to say goodbye so farewell!

I cried bitter tears but not anymore!
I felt so many pains but not anymore!
I was a burden to you but not anymore!
I was a pain to you but not any more!

I dropped to tears as I was reading a poem
I wrote nine years ago!
This was not a suicide note but a poem I wrote
Since I’m a poet before i say good bye i thought i should be known by my voice so i decided to take a paper and a pen write it to the people kulungile is my same flaxsy is my character
Before i say goodbye