Hello, my name is Barbie.

I am a princess.

I live in a mansion that some guy bought for me.

I don’t work, but I always look nice in a pink dress.

I have slim curves and a sexy body.

It is not that I am starving, but even when I eat, I am always thin.

The children that play with me want to be just like me.

So, when they don’t look like me, they feel fat and sad.

They lose their self-image and confidence in their bodies.

but don’t worry

Just like me, they can hide in their mansions

and go to their Instagram and take pictures with filters

and just like me look very fake and plastic.

Then feel fantastic.

Who cares about goals and dreams?

The princesses are rich and glamorous.

So don’t be creative and wonderous.

Be like me!

a doll that makes you think nothing marvellous.