They light up the streets with the glow of their eyes.

To feed their hunger they dine alongside flies.

Feasting on whatever food they can find.

Eyes staring at them, but they’ve learnt not to mind.

Their cry for help is echoed by their growling stomachs.

But is always ignored or met with condescending remarks.

By those who measure themselves as superior to them,

Those who pleasure themselves by making fun of them.


Bridges protect them when rainy days come and at night.

But their pillows get wet from the tears they cry at night.

For the nightmares of most people are now their reality.

And the lord above treats them with nothing but cruelty.


Some of them have made friends with sorrow,

They no longer believe in a better tomorrow.

For they know they probably will never escape the pain.

And tomorrow, they will light up these streets again.