A brain behind inventiveness,
Young and intelligent,
Destined for greatness…
Anxiousness and sensitiveness his weakness,
And creativity his greatest weapon…
He is spirited and confident,
Filled with eager to try new things…
Entities he believes he can accomplish.
With no thought of doubt,
Or concerns about defeat.
He is not afraid of failure…
He takes up a mission with passion
There are no dreams too large for him,
No innovation unimaginable,
No frontiers beyond his reach.
He believe in pursuing his ambitions.
He is so courageous,
He was just sixteen,
Sixteen years of existence…
When he explored and recognize his talent,
When he discovered his skill,
The love of creative writing.
A talent that made him see technique in another version..
An interpretation of digital world,
He is so ethaustic about digical media,
He is a go getter…
With a burning appetite,
He is like the king of vicious pack,
Hungry for success…
So, naturing his talent wasn’t that impossible…
It was like a mastery rooted deep within his soul.
Fueled by wisdom, his best gift from childhood.
Ambition is his birthmark, Painted deep within him.
He took it one step at a time,
Understanding content creation,
learning copy editing,
Followed by understanding his audience…
Their interests and their demands..
He figured almost everything out about digital tools…
From copy formating to publication,
From story angels, to winning articles.
He become his own professor,
A selft taught editor,
Who established his own legacy,
A blooming industry.
Indeed he is young and intelligent,
He is a genius in this industry,
Experienced in every aspect,
From engaging with people to conducting interviews,
He plays around with words…
Giving meaning to every single word uttered,
Composing heart warming stories,
Stories about people and their success…
Articles about art and various talents,
Writings about inspiration and entertainment.
He created a platform to showcase young talents,
Promoting the talents of the up coming artist,
Informing the nation about news worthy events,
Jotting down every single piece with honesty…
Turning words into real portrayals..
That left people thirty for more writings.
He is good at what he does,
Serious and committed to what he loves.
He knew he loved writing.. 
But he never knew it will take him this far..
As far as being the greatest director…
As far as initiating a platform known worldwide.
As far as carrying out a beautiful future of the digital World.
Regardless of the challenges he encountered…
He had eventually come this far…
What then can hinder him…?
Either deceive him not to become that which he was meant to be nor achieve more?