I sit and stare in a distance inside the darkroom
My mind blank, like a blunt knife unable to slice and dice
My consciousness telling me words I refuse to hear, alone
I meditate through the vibrations of my tainted energies
Drowning in my sorrows I tried to catch myself but my arms are tied, alone
Stuck between heaven and hell I have no dwelling so in the darkness I see comfort, alone
I find escape in alcohol to numb the pain but the fall breaks it
Broken glass I see my face through the cracked ice
I gambled with my life and watched it flash with the roll of the dice
I hold scars that bare marks of a man who has been through hell and got stuck at the exit, alone
I find an awakening like a Phoenix rising from the ashes
I draw strength from deep down to the roots of my soul
I find fire still burning, I see desire which still flames my aspire, alone
In this dark room inside me I find light and ignite my might, alone
I find myself again in the darkness life left me.