It was on the 22nd of April 2022.
When she got a call from her boyfriend,
Informing her about his return back home.
They wanted to meet up.
Indeed his wish was attained.
She was overwhelmed by his return.
She didn’t hesitate to pack her bag for the visit.
They meet and be together.
Bonding as lovers.
She told her mom where she was heading to.
She met him at his home town.
He bought her alcohol.
It was her first time to drink alcohol in his presence.
They chilled by the nearby tavern
Having more sips of booze and chilling.
They drank until midnight.
And afterwards he took her to his home.
She was not an unfamiliar in the house,
She was once introduced before to the family.
She wasn’t a Stranger there.
She had many drinks…
Her body was intoxicated,
Her mind was high and different.
She passed out inside his room.
When she woke up.
She couldn’t remember anything at all,
All she could remember was that she slept.
But she couldn’t remember how and when..
Her boyfriend was smiling and giggling,
He seemed very happy.
And so she was curious about it.
She asked him what made his day.
She wanted to know the reason behind his smile.
He told her that last night was amazing. 
She asked him how?
He confessed that he made love with her.
The disappointment in her face,
Triggered by the confession of her boyfriend,
She felt betrayed by him.
And yes indeed he took advantage of her.
It was not what he called making love,
This was something else.
He raped her.
She was not herself, she was drunk.
She thought he loved her in such a way that he wouldn’t dare take an advantage of her when she’s drunk.
She felt safe in her care, but he did the opposite…
He was supposed to protect her.
But instead he failed to protect her.
He choose to molest her.
He turned into a monster.
A creature she never fell in love with
He turned her life upside down. 
The poor girl was devastated,
 She no longer trusted man around her.
She kept quite about it.
When she went home she cut the communication with him.
She knew from then he was bad news,
She realised he was no good.
And sadly she couldn’t report the case.
She just kept everything to herself.