She was a rose.
Not just any rose but a dying rose .
Out in the light but yet falling apart.
Out in the light but it felt like darkness surrounded her .

Everyday people would pass,leaving the rose dying .
Nobody ever cared to stop by and check if it can be saved.
Nobody ever cared to water it .
It was out in the light but still surrounded by darkness.

It always wondered
Why it wasn’t chosen like the other roses
Why couldn’t it be someone’s reason to smile
Why can’t it be used .

Maybe it was because it was damaged
Maybe it was because some of its petals were blown away
Maybe it was because it had a lot of sharp thorns ,ready to make someone bleed .
Maybe they are waiting for someone to die so that they can put it on someone’s grave .

Each day was never different
It hoped to be saved
It hoped to be alive
It hoped that maybe one day ,it will used to decorate weddings .
And maybe a girl who loves roses will put put it in a vase and love her too.
It hoped that one day it will taken care of and have a purpose to live .