When I was deep in pain.

When I had to voice out my thoughts.

When friends and family were nowhere to be found.

When days were dark and cloudy.

When my soul was dumpy and muddy.

When I was lonely and had no one beside me.

A pen and a pad became my friend.

When I was full of doubt.

When in myself, I couldn’t trust.

When I felt lost from deep inside.

When all didn’t make sense.

When I had lost all hope.

When it seemed like time had stood still.

A pen and a pad became my friend.

When I regained my strength.

When I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

When all my hopes and dreams started promising.

When I regained my self-confidence and self-awareness.

When I wasn’t afraid of the dark no more.

When failure didn’t hurt no more but motivated me.

A pen and a pad were all I had.