I thought he would fill the gap my father Left .Was I Wrong ?

He Seemed Good but he wasn’t at All .
I Could Hear him enter my Room but keep quiet.

He would rip my Clothes Apart with a nasty reaction upon his face .
Leaving everything Exposed.

An old man who took advantage of A Little girl.
An innocent face

Mother Said ‘ he is your father , he is the one who put food on the table

‘ do not tell anyone ‘ .

He slowly placed his hands inside the Skirt I was wearing . young ‘ but I knew it was wrong .

Mother ‘ mother ‘ as I called.
There She was ‘ Standing and doing Nothing .

What has become of Me ‘ who can I run to ? ‘ my own mother forsaked Me ‘ .

The End of me was yet to Come ‘ and my tears dried up long ago ‘
What is Left it’s pain .

I’m dead inside . I’m trash . I’m disfigured .