Sleeping with tears

It has become a norm for me.

Can one become dormant?

At times, I wish I was a seed.

Undergo a dormancy period for years.

I write my thoughts every day.

Pouring out my feelings

I scream, I scream

Thinking this pain will be eased

I cannot even look at myself.

In the mirror, you know why

I see a broken girl with no future,

no backbone, no love

I cannot even force a laugh,

When I try to, the laughter

It turns out to be a ” scream.”

Tears flow, a stream of pain

If you are feeling depressed or suicidal, please know that there is help out there and you can get better. Reach out to SADAG counselling 0800 567 567 (toll-free counselling between 8am and 8pm) or their Suicide Crisis Line: 0800 567 567. You are not alone.