I cut myself to bleed
Cry myself to bed.
My pillows get wet every time I have to sleep.
Every thing is refractory and…
Hurting myself physically makes me feel better.
I’m alone in the world,got no one to turn to.
No one to mend my broken heart,to mend my soul
No one to wipe away my tears
To help me be at peace
Love me tired-less
And give me their all
I’m all on my own without a stable family.

Every one passes me like I don’t exist.
I’m invisible but I’m living.
No one talks to me.
All they see is a street kid
They call me names and they don’t hide it.
They do not know the reason behind my homeless being but they judge me.

What wrong have I done?,
Who did I wrong?,and where did I go wrong?
Is it because I’m parent less?
But it wasn’t my choice
Why do I have to suffer for Gods will?he took them for a reason but being treated like this wasn’t a reason he took them.

Appreciate those your parents respect them, honour them and cherish them because someone out here needs them