Have you ever got tired of living?
Have you ever got tired of breathing?
Just because things are falling apart
And you have nothing to say
Nothing to do to change the situation
You just young and confused
You have nobody to talk to
And nothing to heal your heart

Just be a broken praying teen
’cause God got your back
In times where you wanted to quit, to stop, to give up
Just be a broken praying teen

When the problems come
You’ll feel like the world has turned it’s back against you
You’ll feel like you’re too young, too weak to face this
But then God is trying to show you that
You are stronger than you think
You are wiser than you feel
At the end you’ll thank him

He can mend your little broken heart
He can do the undoable
He can work in mysterious ways
He does not fight by weapons but still win the fight
He takes time
But just be patient, he’s gonna do it

Just be the broken praying teen
Pray and pray harder
He is there
He hears you
He is just waiting for the right time
Just be patient and always pray