(One week later)

Londi: Ma no aunty I’m done packing my clothes

Thembi: Uyahamba Manje, early kanje

Londi: Yebo aunty

MaZulu: Hlala phantsi uzodla sengiya phaka ukudla manje

Londi: Ok, let me call someone I will be back (Calling Mvelo)

Londi: Hi Mvesta

Mvelo: Yebo

Londi: I’m done with packing up my clothes but for now I will first eat because my mom cooked delicious food

Mvelo: You would better hurry up because I’m done doing everything

Londi: Ok, I’m so excited

Mvelo: Me too, bye, see y’a

Londi: Ok Sharp


(Few moments later)

Londi: Bye ma

MaZulu: bye my baby, uhambe kakhle

Thembi: Uyikhathalele

Londi: Usale kahle ma no aunty (hugs her mom and aunt)

MaZulu: Hamba mntanami, uhlale usazi ukuthi ngyakuthanda uyezwa

Thembi: Ngyakuthanda nami ngokunjalo

Londi: Firstly I have to go to dad and say goodbye to him

MaZulu: Kulungile Londeka

Thembi: Using tshele ma sewufikile e Jo’burg

Londi: Ngizokwenza njalo


(At police station)

Londi: Baba I’m leaving today

Constable Ndlovu: My child have this (gives her R1000) spoil your self on the to there and be safe

Londi: Thanks daddy (hugs him) umh bye, I have to go before I’m late

Constable Ndlovu: Bye (Gives her another R1000)

Londi: Thank you dad, Thank you so much (hugs him again)bye

Constable Ndlovu: Bye


(At the bus station)

Mvelo: Londi I can’t believe this is really happening

Londi: Me too

Mvelo:Did you say bye to Tumisho

Londi: No not yet

( Calls Tumi)

Londi: Hi Tumza

Tumi: Hello, Chommie ukuphi

Londi: I’m at the bus station

Tumi: Already, you didn’t come to me and give me a hug njer

Londi: Sorry but we talk on the phone and do video calls

Tumi: I miss you already my friend, drive safely

Londi: Thanks friend, bye

Tumi: Sure

Mvelo: Londi, look our bus is here

Londi: Let’s hurry and ride (They rode the bus)

Mvelo: Our dreams are about to come true

Londi: Goodbye Mabonang town

*Londi and Mvelo arrived safely in Gauteng and studied at the university and lived together happily ever after*


Season Two Coming Soon!!

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