(After few day, Grace’s belly started to show up. One hot and beautiful morning, Will and Grace was having a breakfast when Jason decided to show up at their house)

JASON: Morning family!

WILLIAM: (stands up and hugs his brother) Bafo?

JASON: How are you doing?

WILLIAM: Ahhh me? I’m doing very, very good. What about you?

JASON: Forget about me, yini Kanti? Why ujabulile namhlanje (what? Why are you so happy today?) Did you win a lotto? If you did please buy me a double story house and a luxury car, such as Ferrari or Lamborghini.

WILLIAM: (laughs) Enough with the jokes brother. I didn’t win lotto. It’s something big than lotto.

JASON: What? Did you get a promotion at work?

WILLIAM: (smiles) No brother, actually me and my wife Grace have something to tell you.

JASON: (looks at Grace and clears throat) What?

WILLIAM: Grace is pregnant!

JASON: (not happy and fake laughs and fake smiles) Uhmmm….(clears throat) Wow….Uhmmm…yohh haibo….. That’s great news. Congratulations Grace.

GRACE: (takes a sip of Orange juice) Thanks Jason, we appreciate it. Baby, I would be at my room if you need anything.

WILLIAM: No, I would be here if you need anything. I should be taking care of you, not the other way around, okay?

(Grace nods and went to the bedroom to rest. At night when Will and Grace were about to sleep, a call pops in Grace’s phone)

WILLIAM: Who’s that calling at night?

GRACE: It’s my colleague, baby. Just sleep and I’ll answer it at the other room.

WILLIAM: (sleeps) Okay, night night.

(Grace went to the dining to answer her phone)

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