(It’s in the morning at Grace’s house. She is all sweaty and in bed with Jason)

GRACE: (hugging Jason) Ohh my love, you know I wish me and you can have fun without sneaking.

JASON: (hugs back) Me too my love, sometimes I wonder what will happen when brother finds out about us.

GRACE: (sighs heavily) Nothing such will happen, right? Unless if you tell him.

JASON: No I won’t do such thing. Enough about William, let’s have fun!

GRACE: (under the sheets, giggles and kisses Jason. They had intimacy)


(It was one hot afternoon when Grace and William are at their house chilling drinking tea)

WILLIAM: (sips tea) My love, this is a great time to speak to you.

GRACE: (sips tea) Talk? Talk about what, my love?

WILLIAM: (puts the tea down) We’ve been in this marriage for 3 years now. I think it’s time we have mini us running around in the yard.

GRACE: Uhm….yeah maybe…I mean yes, all of our married friends have children so why not us? Uhm… (Clears throat) We should try.

WILLIAM: (smiles) I’m happy that we are on the same page.

(The next day Grace and William made love and everything was okay after that)


(Grace and William are at the hospital. They are holding hands while sitting on a bench and waiting for the results, finally the doctor call them to come inside the office)

*Doctor’s office*

DOCTOR: Mr and Mrs Mbedu, I have the results with me.

GRACE: What do they say? I have been feeling weird lately, my body tired and I was throwing up…..

DOCTOR: (opening the envelope and reading it) Mrs Mbedu, calm down. The results say……..you are pregnant! Congratulations!

WILLIAM: (excited) Thank you Doctor, I never thought this day would come. My wife is pregnant with my child!

GRACE: (fake smiles) Believe it, baby. So for how long?

DOCTOR: It’s actually for 5 months.

WILLIAM: 5 months?

DOCTOR: Correct Mr Mbedu.

GRACE: (touches her belly) But why isn’t my belly showing? Is it normal?

DOCTOR: Yes, don’t panic. Your baby may be growing, Mrs Mbedu. So please come back after every 2 weeks for a scan.

GRACE: Understood. Thanks for the info.

DOCTOR: Anytime. I have to attend other patients, so I’ll see you in 2 weeks time, right?

GRACE: Of course. Let us go then. My love?

WILLIAM: (lost in his thoughts) Huh? Yes baby? Are we going already?

GRACE: Yes. Let’s go, I’m feeling tired.

(The doctor, Grace and Will exist the office.)

Tell us: What do you think William was thinking about?