Sino : Fiona called me and told me what happened.What did Yandisa do to you exactly?

Pretty : He…he..(stuttering)

Sino : Answer me,Pretty! Did he force himself on you…what did he do and how does your boyfriend get involved in all of this?

Pretty : Sino,your boyfriend is a psycho,okay?

Sino : Don’t you dare call my boyfriend a psycho without explaining to me what happened.

Pretty : Sino there’s something wrong with your boyfriend.This morning he kissed me but I pushed him,telling him to stop but he did not want to stop,Sino what was I supposed to do?

Sino : Did you tell anyone else about this?

Pretty : Khanya is the only one who knows.

Sino : Please keep it that way.I’ve thought hard about this and I have decided to send you back home and please Pretty don’t tell mom about this.

Pretty : But it was not my fault.Why are you sending me back home?

Sino : I know it wasn’t your fault but I think letting you to come stay with me was a mistake.

Pretty : No,Sino sending me back home is not going to work.

Sino : If you don’t want to go then it’s fine I won’t force you but please don’t complain about my boyfriend again.

Pretty : So you are choosing him over your blood,Sino? (cellphone vibrates) Hello.

Khanya : Can you please come outside?

Pretty : I’m coming.(dropping the call)

Sino : Who are you talking to?

Pretty : I was talking to Khanya,he says he’s on the basement.

Sino : Okay,I brought us some food.

Pretty : I won’t take long.

In Khanya’s car.

Khanya : Hey babe.(kissing her) I called you earlier and you didn’t pick up.

Pretty : I’m sorry babe,I was sleeping.

Khanya : You’ve been sleeping a lot lately,are you sure everything is okay?

Pretty : I’m fine babe.

Khanya : Okay.I think you should move in with me.

Pretty : What? Why?

Khanya : Your sister is still seeing that rubbish.What if he does something to you?

Pretty : He won’t.

Khanya : Why are you so sure about that?

Pretty : Okay,just give me some time to think about it.

Khanya : You can take as much time as you need,love there’s no rush.

Back to the house.

Sino : I put your food on the microwave.

Pretty : (taking out her food) What’s that smell Sino?

Sino : Pretty stop asking me about smells,can’t you see I’m eating.

Pretty : (grabbing a bucket and vomiting)

Sino : Sis! Pretty. Go do that outside.

Pretty : I’m sorry,Sino.It’s this food.

Sino : There’s nothing wrong with this food.(putting her food on the fridge) I just lost my appetite.

Tell us : What do you think is wrong with Pretty.