After an hour Sino left for work,Pretty was woken up by a knock at the door.

Pretty : Sino is not here.

Yandisa : I’m not here to see her.Can you please let me in.

Pretty : What do you want?

Yandisa : I came to apologize.What I did to you the other day was wrong.

Pretty : (letting her in and leaving the door open) I’m glad you see that.

Yandisa : But I really like you,Pretty.I was not lying when I said that.I know it won’t be easy for you to trust me after what I did and I understand.But please think about it.

Pretty : Please leave.(showing him the door)

When she was about to close the door Somila showed up at the doorstep.

Somila : Morning chommie.

Pretty : Hi chommie.

Yandisa : Please think about it.(going away)

Somila : And then…did I interrupt something?

Pretty : I wonder what did Sino saw in this guy.

Somila : What? Take a look at him again,chommie,this guy is handsome and loaded.Sino is lucky to have him as her boyfriend.You don’t like him,I see.

Pretty : (taking a deep breath) Where do I even start.Chommie this guy keeps telling me that he loves me.

Somila : What? Did you tell your sister about this?

Pretty : The only thing Sino knows is that he kissed me and she doesn’t seem bothered by that.

Somila : Okay,chommie but what if he means it that he loves you?

Pretty : Then that will be his problem.(running outside to get the bucket and starting to vomit)

Somila : I’m starting to think that you are pregnant and I hope I’m wrong chommie.

Pretty : I’m not pregnant.

Somila : Then prove me wrong.Let’s go to the hospital.

Pretty : Now?

Somila : Yes,now.

Pretty : Okay let me put on the kattle.

The Doctor confirmed that Pretty is pregnant.On their way back home Khanya gave them a lift.

Khanya : Are you guys coming from the clinic?

Somila : Yep.

Khanya : Is your friend okay?

Pretty : Yeah,I’m fine.

Khanya : You don’t seem okay,babe.Can I get you something?

Pretty : I said I’m fine.

Khanya : Okay but let me…(taking out money) Get you guys something to eat.

The car pulled over by the Salon and they got out.

Somila : Chommie you’ve been quiet…You must be relieved that you now know the truth.

Pretty : I am but how do I tell Sino and Khanya about this.

Somila : I’m sure you will find a way chommie.

Pretty : Chommie you don’t get this.

Somila : Don’t stress yourself about this.I don’t think Khanya will have a problem with you being pregnant.

Pretty : But what of he’s not the father? What am I going to do?

Somila : Sphelo neh?

Pretty : Chommie I can’t have this child.

Somila : No chommie don’t even think about it.

Pretty : But it’s the only option.I can’t keep this baby.If I keep this baby,Sino will kick me out and Khanya will break up with me.I don’t even know who the father is.

Somila : Okay,chommie whatever you decide,I will support you.

Tell us : Judging by the situation Pretty finds herself in,should she tell her sister and her boyfriend about the pregnancy or hide the pregnancy and do an abortion?