Love can be complicated in every situation. Mmabatho and Sthembiso are married but they are unhappy and it’s affecting their daughter Ona. So let me take you through their story.

Scene 1

Ona and Mmabatho are having breakfast

Ona: “Wow mom this is so amazing”

Mmabatho: “Ncaah thank you nana”

Ona: “I really wish that dad to taste this, any way where is he wele?”

At that moment Ona asked that question Sthembiso walked in very drunk

Sthembiso: “My beautiful favourite girls” he kisses Mmabatho but she doesn’t kiss him back

Mmabatho:”he wena Sthembiso o tswa kae?”

Sthembiso:” who died and made you my mom”

Mmabatho: ” I am your wife for god’s sake…the least you can do is call me or text me just ….

Sthembiso interrupted her went she was talking

Sthembiso: “I need to go to sleep”

Mmabatho: “You’re being a dick right now you know that”

Sthembiso just walked out and Ona was irritated and she also left. She went to her room and she phoned her boyfriend seekay

“Hey babe”said seekay

“Hi love”

“Babe you don’t sound too well”

“My parents are fighting.. again and it really hurts me”

“Baby why don’t you come over and we should talk it through.. okay”


At the afternoon Onalerona went to seekay’s house and she found him on him playing with his phone

Seekay: “hey you”

Ona:” hey, so where is everyone”

Seekay:”they are all at work, hey I hope you not here to ask me about family”


Seekay:”anyway you told me that you’re parents fought again”

Ona:”Kay you don’t know drama e mole, mom and dad are always fighting”

Seekay:”sounds like we have similar problems”

Ona:”wena I think yours are better batho bale fight every day sometimes they even forget I’m at the table. Even dad arrived home very drunk

Seekay: “Ona stop, stop hurting yourself like that I mean look at you now you can’t even talk about them without crying”

Ona: “but you don’t understand Kay. You don’t understand the fact that they fight every day and it hurts me”

Seekay: “baby stop it okay…. I love you”

Ona: “I love you too”

Ona started kissing seekay and he kissed her back. Then Ona started unbuttoning seekay’s clothes and they made love

Seekay:”that was amazing”

Ona: “yeah that was the best first time”

Seekay:”wait…. you were a virgin”

Ona: “I’m 16 bro I’m not a whore”

Seekay: “yeah makes sense”

Ona: “you really thought that I was a virgin?”

Seekay: “to be honest with you I thought you weren’t a virgin”


they both laughed

Ona:”so now that you’ve broke my virginity why don’t do we just continue”

Seekay:”I like the sound of that

They kissed and got under the duvet and they had sex again and later Ona left and when she arrived home she found her dad very angry

Ona:” from the library”

Sthembiso:”wow, so umabatho uya fundisa… I tracked your phone”

Ona:”umm…. I was at the library and I le… I left and..”

Sthembiso:”ngizokushayela the fact that you are lying to me”

Sthembiso took his belt out and he hit her and went to her room to cry. The next morning she received a text from seekay saying that he has to meet her. She wore her black tracksuits and white shoes.

Mmabatho:”where are you going young lady?”

Ona:”I’m meeting up with dimpho”

Mmabatho:”ok don’t come back late ne”

Ona:”okay mom”

Ona left and he went to the place where seekay told her that they gonna meet at

Ona:”hi baby”


Ona:”baby I think you were reading my mind like we have to meet”

Seekay:”Ona that’s not what I asked to come here for”

Ona:”okay it sounds serious”

Seekay:”so my parents found out about yesterday and think before it gets to deep we should stop it”
Ona:”okay…what do you mean baby”

Seekay: “I think we should break up”

Ona felt like fainting at that moment. She started crying

Seekay:”Ona are you okay”

Ona:”you’re breaking up with me?”

Seekay: “it’s breaking up, it’s just taking a break”

Seekay: “Ona look you’re a nice chick and you have a good heart and it breaks my heart to end things like this”

Ona: “baby please don’t do this”

Seekay: “bye Ona”

He kissed her cheek and left. Ona cryed the whole night and the next day she found out that seekay has left and he went back to New York. She then later was called by her parents at the lounge for a meeting. She found Mmabatho and Sthembiso sitting separately.

Sthembiso:”Onalerona uyazi we love you the both of us and we’ll always care for you even if we are separated”

Ona:”what do you guys mean”

Mmabatho:”baby we are divorcing”


Sthembiso:”I know it’s gonna be hard but we have to do it my love cause we’re gonna end up killing each other”

Ona:”I don’t know what to say it’s just so hurtful”

Mmabatho: “baby we have to do it”

Ona: “kgolona kgale nnakganele you guys don’t care about my feelings mom, I can’t deal with so much heart break in such a short time”

Sthembiso:”we are sorry”

Ona: “just leave me alone”

Ona left and the next day she tried to commit suicide but her parents found her.


Mmabatho: “baby is therapy going well”

Ona: “yeah and I’m starting to forget about seekay”

Mmabatho: “yeah it’s good news”

Ona: “so mom why don’t you and dad try it I mean I learnt that communication is key to success so if the both of you go to therapy you will get to know each other and talk”

Mmabatho: “maybe but not now

Ona: “ahg but it’s okay I know you guys some days you will get back together”

Mmabatho: “joh”

They both laughed. As you can see love can be complicated and it was affected by Onalerona and her parents