( They are done with their first lesson and it’s lunch time)

Olivia : now I have to apologize to Bill

Jane: Yes you must

Olivia: but he deserves it

jJane: and he apologized you should also apologize for slapping him in public..

Olivia : fine ! Let’s order some pizza..

( Alex is walking with Mike)

Alex : let’s go oder two cheese burgers

Mike: my favorite!!

Alex : let’s go

Mike : that’s the girl that slapped you Alex!!

Alex: what?

Mike : it’s Olivia!!

Alex: she doesn’t know it was me ..don’t worry

Mike : can we have two cheese burgers please!!

Alex : and a strong milk shake with lot of sugar !!

Olivia : can I have two pizzas any flavor …hi Alex

Alex : Hey ! Let’s go Mike

Olivia : what about your oder

Alex : ohh I forgot

Olivia : you stranger’s are acting weird ..

Mike : I’m Mike and his Alex

Olivia : I’m Olivia nice to meet you too..you are bills brother..??

Alex : Yes I am

Olivia : can I talk to you in private I promise it won’t take long..

Alex: we are in a hurry sorry!!!

Mike: what he meant was yes he would love to

Olivia : okay let’s go ..Jane I will be back !!!!

Olivia : please tell Bill I’m so sorry for what I did ..

Alex : for what ??

Olivia : for slapping him ..

Alex : don’t worry I will tell him …

Olivia : I hope you are not mad at me for slapping your brother….

Alex: why would l be

Olivia : okay you are free to go ..

Alex : bye!!

Mike: Hey Alex’s what did she say??

Alex : she told to tell Bill that she’s sorry .. but I’m the one who she must apologise to

Mike : This is confusing now ..

Alex: I hate her !!

Mike : it’s not her fault she doesn’t know it was you ..you or your brother must tell her ..she’s apologising to the wrong person..

Alex: let’s go the bell just rang!!

Mike : what about our oder

Alex: live it the bill was on me anyways…Bill will pay for his actions..