( bill is going to apologize to Emily )

Miss Smith : someone is looking for you Emily

Emily : Okay I’m coming

miss Smith: Get in ..I’m going out for dinner please tell Olivia !!

Bill : hi Lily

Emily: what do you want Bill

Bill : I’m here to apologize to you and your sister

Emily : go on than !!

Olivia : what is he doing here ..didn’t you get enough..??

Bill : I’m So sorry for what I said earlier on please forgive me Lily and you too Olivia

Emily : fine we forgive you..Now go please ..

Bill : thanks

Olivia : you forgave just like that!!!

Emily : he looks sincere

Olivia : wow ?

Emily: you need to apologize too cause you slapped him

Olivia ; he deserves another one

Emily : just apologize to him please ..

Olivia : I will try!!

Emily : tomorrow than!!

Olivia : if you say so