( Alex arrives home )

Alex : Hey mom and dad

mr Simpson: you’re back

Miss martin: how was your first day

Alex : it was fine

ο»ΏBill: look who’s back

Mr Simpson: if you weren’t fooling around at school. You wouldn’t have failed grade 10 ..you must be in Varsity with your brother..

Bill : Thanks for reminding me dad!!

Miss martin: you don’t have to remind your son all the time about repeating grade 10 ..

Bill : it’s fine mom ..if you need me I’m going to my room

Mr Simpson : his a spoilt brat because of you..you treat him like a small baby..when is he gonna grow up ..he spends his time partying and spending all my money with his freind s..

Miss martin : his our son too !!

Mr Simpson : stop defending him ..his a huge disgrace in our family..i won’t debate with you cause I’m the heard of this family…

Miss martin : whatever!!

( Olivia is talking with her sister Emily)

Emily: Hey sis

Olivia : hi Lily ..were you crying??

Emily : how was your first day??

Olivia : it was Bill wasn’t it ??

Emily : we broke up ..he dumped me in front of everyone!!

Olivia: what ?

Emily: he told me I’m not good enough for him and I’m poor

Olivia : how can he do such a thing ??

Emily : don’t confront him please

Olivia : no This is a huge issue and must be dealt with!!

Emily : you will make things worse..you will embarrass me ..

Olivia : it’s fine if you say so

( Olivia meets Alex on her way to the supermarket)

Alex: hi

Olivia : you have a nerve to great me after what you did !!

Alex: what are you talking about??

Olivia : you don’t remember now ?

Alex : what ??

Olivia : stop pretending like you don’t know??

Alex : what have I done

Olivia : Hey don’t test my patience..

Alex: Do I even know you??

Olivia : listen to me ..stop being a wimp and man up you spoilt brat..why did you do it ..dumping my sister in public and telling her you don’t date middle class poor people..

Alex : what ? There must be a misunderstanding I’m not who you think I am my name is …

Olivia : shutup I know exactly who you are !! ( she slaps him and leaves without buying anything)

Alex : what the hell is going on ??

( Alex walks in Bill s room )

Bill : what happened to you ?? You look terrible

Alex : it’s all your fault..why did you dump a Girl and said she’s poor and not good enough for you in front of a crowd??

Bill : did Emily do this to you ?

Alex : it was her sister

Bill : Olivia??

Alex :I don’t know who her name was ..

Bill : what happened ??

Alex : she yelled at me and slapped me

Bill : (laughing) what ?

Alex: why are you laughing

Bill : who were slapped by a Girl ( laughing out loud )

Alex : you must apologise to her or I will tell mom about this..

Bill : finding I will !!

Alex : I tried to tell I’m not Bill lm Alex your twin brother..she slapped me ..

Bill : That girl did that for her sister..she is so sweet..( laughing)

Alex : you must be enjoying this..I’m so angry with you right now..

Bill : I’m sorry it’s just hilarious..

Alex : I’m going out with Mike bye!!

Bill : make sure she doesn’t see you again!!