It started raining. I usually liked rainy weather but this weather was weird. It was too eeiry and to make it worse, something was wrong with my lights. My house was dim and eeiry. Damien had promised to visit me so that he could make up for what he did yesterday and I was getting restless because he was the only one who made me feel safe. I especially needed him today.

(Three hours later….

There was a knock on my door and I ran to open the door. It was Damien. He looked devastated.

Me: Damien what’s wrong?

Damien: Some people said that you met with Leticia and she was coughing and she was lying on the floor. They said that you said she drank too much. Did you do anything to harm her because she is not back at home?

Me:No I didn’t? And why do you care for her so much all of a sudden? In fact,get out of here now!

Damien:I am sorry Caren but….

Me:Get out!


I started crying out loud. I killed my best friend just for a man whom I barely knew, a playboy that was for sure. But I still felt terrible, the good feeling l had earlier was gone, only guilt was left. My heart started beating faster, I started hearing Leticia’s voice. It was from all of our past memories, her voice echoed in my head,her laughter creeped me out!I I felt crazy!

Me:Shut up, please let me go, just shut up,get out of my head!!!!!!!(Screams)

A strong wind blew outside and it opened my windows,the curtains fell on top of me and I screamed. I ran and hid in the basement and when I got inside, the door locked itself.

Me: Just stop it!!Help!!!! Anybody help me!!! Please!!!!!

I discovered that it was hopeless to scream because no one heard me. I had an asthmatic attack to make things worse and I fainted.